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eSIM China data plans

Choose from our Nationwide eSIM Plans
and Use prepaid data in China all-around

eSIM China 4GB Plan

Valid for 8 days

$25.98 $12.99

Valid for 10 days

$31.98 $15.99

eSIM China Unlimited Plan

eSIM China Unlimited Plan

Valid for 3/7/15/30 days

$6.99 – $27.99

Planning a longer stay in a particular city?

Find your roaming data in City eSIM Plans to be connected with a selected local network!

eSIM Beijing Plan

eSIM Beijing

eSIM Shanghai Plan

eSIM Shanghai

eSIM Shenzhen Plan

eSIM Shenzhen

eSIM Xi'an Plan

eSIM Xi’an

eSIM Hainan Plan

eSIM Hainan

eSIM Guilin Plan

eSIM Guilin

eSIM China, helping connect you
with just a tap of your fingertips

Best local network

Best Selected Local Network

Leading network with 4G LTE speed!
Expert-verified network connection.

Unbeatable Prices

Unbeatable Prices Offered

The most reasonable prepaid data plans.
No more wasting on expensive data!

How it works?

It's easy as 1, 2, 3!

How to use eSIM China Plans 1

1. Order

Purchase eSIM data
whenever you want it
How to use eSIM China Plans 2

2. Scan

Start your eSIM plan
with a simple Tap-Tap-Tap
How to use eSIM China Plans 3

3. Enjoy

Connect to the selected
leading network in China

Why eSIM China is the best?

Here are our customer reviews!

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What is eSIM China?

eSIM China by WHIZ provides the No.1 eSIM plans for travelers in China.
As a digital SIM, an eSIM helps you to use data without changing a physical SIM card. We offer the fastest & stable data connection in China at affordable prices. Enjoy visiting China with our best eSIM data plans!

eSIM China Intro

If you still wonder?

✓ iOS and Android devices that are eSIM-compatible AND unlocked can be used with eSIM.
Please make sure that devices which are SIM-locked cannot be used.
If you want to know how to unlock your iPhone, visit here

✓ At your convenience, you may purchase an eSIM the day prior to your travel date or upon arrival at your destination. In addition, to install the eSIM, your device must be connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular data network.

✓ To get in contact with us, ask Team WHIZ anytime via hello@esimworld.net.

✓ The data plan is ready for use once your purchase transaction payment is successfully processed, and will begin upon the time of installation.

✓ eSIM China provides data-only plans. Therefore, making local or international calls is not available. If needed, you are able to have access to make a call via WhatsApp or Skype through the use of your data plan.

✓ In the case in which you do not hold a Paypal account, it is highly recommended to create an account in order to make simple and easy payment transactions.

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